Partition Recovery Details

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software 6.0 is a must have software for Windows users to easily recover from perilous cases of partition corruption, partition resizing, file system damage, boot sector corruption, MBR damage, and virus infection. The software has dedicated modules for drive recovery, photo recovery, and optical media recovery. The comprehensive tool has been optimized to support the latest file formats (25 newly added formats in the current version), making it one-stop solution to perform any type of file recovery. This partition recovery software provides a range of robust, easy-to-use options, including deleted data recovery, lost volume recovery, CD/DVD recovery, disk cloning, and file preview.

The software can help you recover lost, inaccessible, or formatted data after receiving any of the following errors:
  • "File not found"
  • "File is corrupted"
  • "Windows does not support this file type"
  • "Cannot access the file"
  • "File path not found"
  • "File error"
  • "Cannot perform the requested operation"
  • "This program is not responding"
  • "Unable to read file"

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software 6.0 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery features an improved scanning engine for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT, making it faster and reliable. With the ability to scan more than 2 TB of storage space, the software has the ability to perform recovery from large-capacity drives and other storage media. You can preview the recovered files in the main interface before saving them to the system.

Please follow the link to download a free version of the software. You will see how it can help you restore your lost partition.

free download partition recovery softwarebuy partition recovery software

* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.


To learn more about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software, please call us on 1-877-778-6087 or you can also leave a message at

The following screenshots describe different features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery:

Screenshot1The main interface of the software displays three recovery options: 'Drive Recovery' to recover data from corrupt or formatted drives, 'CD DVD Recovery' to recover files from optical discs, and 'Photo Recovery' to recover images and multimedia files.

Screenshot1The 'Drive Recovery' module is divided into four sections: 'Quick Recovery' to perform faster scanning of the media, 'Deleted Recovery' to recover accidentally deleted data, 'Advanced Recovery' to exclusively scan FAT and NTFS volumes, and 'Raw Recovery' to do signature-based file recovery. You can choose recovery options according to your requirement.

Screenshot1Drive Recovery : If you have accidentally deleted an entire volume, the software can help to get back all your lost information. You can select the hard drive under 'Select Hard Drive to Search for Lost Volume' section to find lost logical volumes. Choose the desired scan type and click 'Search Lost Volume' on the flying pane. Once the software has finished searching, it will list all the found volumes below 'Drive Recovery'. You can now use the 'Drive Recovery' module to recover lost information

Screenshot1CD DVD Recovery enables you salvage data from severely corrupt or damaged optical discs. The software supports multi-session discs, bootable discs, LightScribe discs, and mixed mode discs. To do this, you need to select the optical media drive listed under 'CD DVD Recovery' and click 'Scan Now'. The software scans your optical disc to recover all inaccessible files and associated metadata.

Screenshot1Photo Recovery option is an easy way to recover priceless photos, images, and multimedia files from any internal or external Windows based drive. You can also scan individual volumes for lost or deleted photos. The software has the ability to recover pictures from memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, and other removable media. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery supports a broad range of digital image, audio, and video file formats.

Screenshot1Preview : After scanning the selected media for photos, the software will list all recovered images and multimedia files corresponding to the file type in the left pane. When you select a folder in the left pane, the software will display all files contained in the folder in bottom-right pane. Click on a file to see its preview in the top pane.

Screenshot1 Resume Scan : The software allows performing recovery from a saved scan information or drive image. When you select 'Recovery from Image' tab, all the recently created scan and drive images by Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will be displayed. You can click 'Browse' to locate the desired drive or scan image. The software will scan the selected image to recover your valuable data.

Screenshot1Image Creation Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery allows you to create image of an entire hard disk or any specific logical volume. In the 'Advanced Option' tab, click 'Create Image' and select the volume or disk you need to image. After selecting the media, click 'Start Imaging' button on the flying pane. The software creates an image file with 'img' extension and saves the image at a user-specified location.

Screenshot1Cloning :This deleted data recovery software can clone your Windows hard disk sector by sector and save the disk clone to a desired location in your system. To do this, go to 'Advanced Options' and click 'Clone Drive'. Select the source and destination disk (usually an external disk) and click 'Start Cloning' button to initiate the cloning process.

Screenshot1SMART Feature :Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery examines your hard disk and displays all the general disk information, SMART attributes, and volume information corresponding to the disk. You can also scan the disk to determine the number of bad blocks.

free download partition recovery softwarebuy partition recovery software

* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.